GEI Industrial has exceptional auction and appraisal services that continuously exceed our clients expectations by providing the most comprehensive, flexible, and wide reaching asset solutions available.

We have partnered with some of the largest and leading industrial liquidation & bidding platforms in the business. Our abilities are second to none with the combined experience of retail and wholesale. This gives us an advantage to maximize returns and be quick to complete any job efficiently.

After many years of appraising items and selling thousands of lots we can gauge a realistic return on a variety of industrial assets. Our team is dedicated to being your best solution.

Here are the ways we can help:

Buy a complete facility with all contents including real estate.

Buy only the assets in the facility to help clear out the real estate.

A Partnership Split of the Final Proceeds From The Auction Sale.

A Guaranteed Amount To the seller Due Before An Auction Sale.

Our team has the following members:

• Certified and Accredited Appraisers

• Licensed Auctioneers

• Dedicated Project Managers

• Innovative Marketing and Graphic Design Team

• Innovative Marketing and Graphic Design Team

• Attentive Customer Service Representatives

• Efficient, Accurate Accounting Services

• Licensed Real Estate Professionals Worldwide